Thursday, February 24, 2011

Getting "Old"

Just a short-but-sweet post...

Getting old isn't for wimps.

I now need the assistance of "reading" glasses to not only read printed documents, but also to read print on my computer screen, AND see ANY kind of detail in anything small I hold in my hand.



Mamaw said...

Count your blessings, my dear! You escaped longer than most of us!

Love ya anyway ;-)

Rosanne said...

Oops! that's just the name I use in the Fortner tribe! The message is from your Aunt Rosanne.

Papaw said...

Our tribe is noted for near sighted, nay near blind, vision. I take off my glasses (which I have worn now for 54 years and just Mr. MaGoo it on the screen. Of course, I am lining up for a cataract surgery which will give me a new lens. I think God gave old men cataracts so that women would still look good to us as they, too, fade. Look up pictures of Kaharine Ross of Butch and Sundance fame. That movie was in 1969, 42 years later she is virtually haggid. Time!