Saturday, June 19, 2010

Home Improvements update

The problem with having a job that moves at something more than a whirlwind pace is the lack of time (or energy) to keep this blog updated. Let's see if I can bring my dear readers up-to-speed with the home improvement efforts.

The fireplace is "completely" restored to its original beauty - All the white areas seem to have been added in the last few decades and thus, sadly, had to be painted as they appear to be un-finished pine.

I have "adopted" some furniture from my folks, and the furniture seems quite happy here! "Jimmy" the Buffet Table (left) is a perfect fit to the wall I had reserved for him.

His brothers, the chairs, were in poor shape when they joined our family. Here is one of them on his way to better health (right).

And finally, my pet projects, the door(s) and doorknobs. I have a number of circa 1910 doorknobs with decorative "plates", which have been painted over !(left) With the help of puty knives, "goof-off", and a heat gun, I have removed the paint from 3 of 4 doorknobs, and half of one door (below)