Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Much needed update... with photos

We have settled in nicely to our new home. Fall is here and I am thoroughly enjoying watching the trees and bushes show me their brilliant colors. Who knew a crimson maple would turn green and then orange! And the burning bushes! Oh my! They are just brilliant!

My guest room is my favorite room in the house. Here are before and after (please excuse the photo size... one is from the blackberry and one from a digital camera):

And for the living room... I spent a LOT of time getting this room the way I wanted it. It is about 75% done right now, as we will be pulling up the carpet and restoring the natural hardwood floor underneath.
This is the day we started painting and renovating. After finishing the paint... (BTW, I highly recommend Behr primer & paint in one... a little more expensive than regular paint but OH BOY is it wonderful!) See my previous post for mid-restoration pix of the fireplace.

This is the living room today. (Pretend you don't see all the junk of the coffee table!)