Thursday, February 26, 2009

Confessions of a Wii Fit Addict

So I have been the proud owner of Wii Fit for just over two weeks now, and I must say it was worth the money.

I only weigh 2 pounds less than the day I started, but I am fine with that. For the past two days, I have noticed that my pants fit looser than they did the last time I wore them. I'm not jumping the gun and trying on things I outgrew a year or two ago, though - I know better (LOL). I realize that I'm replacing fat with muscle. A few days ago I noticed that what I affectionately called my "pony keg" is disappearing, and has been replaced with a 2-pack. I'm starting to see the upper half of a 4-pack, which just tickles me pink.

I find that in the afternoons at work, I start counting the minutes until I can go home and work out. I thoroughly enjoy the Rhythmic Boxing, Step Aerobics (although I wish I could increase the length of the session), and the Super Hula Hoop.

Yes, hula hoop. Not as easy as it sounds. Rotate your hips in a wide, even circle in one direction for 5 minutes straight, then immediately switch direction for another 5 minutes. It definitely works your abs, if you do it right.

I find myself skipping the Yoga a lot. By the time I work my rear-end off (literally) for an hour, my muscles don't seem to want to hold steadily in one position for very long. My 'trainer' is constantly chiding me about being unsteady. No kidding, lady!

The strength training is fun as well. For some reason, I struggle with the 10-rep lunges after about the 6th rep. I suppose that means I'm doing it right... I just need to do it every day instead of wimping out and skipping it.

Anyhow, my arms are a little shaky now, and my abs are burning like a bonfire. Time for a shower, or people won't want me around at work tomorrow. (Wait, maybe that's not such a bad thing)