Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Beauty Meets Strength

No, I'm not being conceited, I saw the phrase on a commercial, and felt that it fit.

I've come to a conclusion, after some "soul-searching."

I've never really been one to let someone else fight my battles for me, so why start now? I chose this profession, knowing full well that I would likely be the only female in the group. It was 'painfully' aware to me the minute I started school for it.

But that only made me work harder. I HAD to be the best in the class. (And I was, except for Geometry...) Maybe it was so I had the (silent) bragging rights that "You got beat by a girl." But I put my mind to it in every class I took, and it worked.

So much is the same with work. I strive to be the best designer there is in the department. I've just uncovered some resources which I can study in order to make me more valuable to the company as a whole. There is rumor (OK, they nominated me because nobody else wanted to do it) that I will be the resident "3D CADD expert" for the department. NOOOO problem! I LOVE working in 3D. (I do the stuff for fun! Now if I could just find some drawings somewhere to turn into 3D models in my free time)

My objective is to attempt to "mold" someone to be able to do the simple construction package assembly work, so that I can do some REAL design work. Of course, that means convincing the manager to hire me a clone, but luckily I can put these packages together pretty quickly now, seeing as how it's mostly a 'copy job.'

All in all, the weekend was a good refresh and regroup session. A chat with a Project Manager from outside the department helped to put things in a better perspective. (That, and the inability to hold a grudge for very long)

Maybe someday I'll be rich, and then I can just write all day long... (but I need a laptop for that, and mine got stolen 2 years ago)


Dad said...

I like this attitude MUCH better! That's my girl. You can show 'em.

Teresa said...

YOU GO GIRL!!! And one day you WILL be rich, although in actually currency, maybe not so soon the way our economy looks, but oh so rich indeed...

Craig said...

We need to get together and wax poetic about the virtues of 3D design. It's the only way to do things!