Friday, January 26, 2007

Last Minute...

I need to whine a little, since I don't feel that I should complain to my boss.

The project that I am working on has a deadline of next Thursday. 90% of the work to be done rests solely on my shoulders. I don't mind. I know that it's up to me to make the 3 men in my group look good. I've been working my tail off, and even finding time to help out with 2 other projects that are in the red.

Here's the problem: I'm working 9-10 hours STRAIGHT to get these guys' drawings done. I rely on them to bring me markups or new drawings, and these drawings take time to do. But these 3 guys are waiting until the last minute to get work to me. They are constantly standing around talking about miscellaneous bull-stuff, completley unrelated to work. THEN the group leader has the gall to ask me to stay late. I'm there working for 2 HOURS before he even gets there!

Of course, if the package isn't ready in time, it's my fault. And that is a bunch of horse manure.

I need a beer :)

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Dad said...

Interesting. We see the same thing when working on projects for large contractors like you guys. We get the information last, almost as an afterthought. But we're expected to have our stuff RIGHT and on time nonetheless. Last startup I did I had the "conversations" problem too. Three separate ones going on right behind where I was trying to program. I finally stood up, turned around and SHOUTED to get their attention. Then in a very quiet voice said something like "I am trying to program your PLC here. This is the only place I can do this. You can carry on your conversations anywhere in this plant. I respectfully ask that you take your conversations somewhere else BEFORE I START KICKING YOUR BUTTS OUT OF THE CONTROL ROOM! The caps indicate the volume of my voice, but I did it with a great big grin and lots of arm waving. Engineers can be so stupid.