Thursday, December 21, 2006

What Is It...

About the day before a long weekend that can put a person in such a good mood?

Our company is "closing all offices on Friday, December 22 to allow our employees extra time with their families this Holiday Season." Which translates into a 4-day weekend. Add what is now referred to as PTO (paid time off), and you get a 5-day weekend (or 11-day weekend for the lucky ones.) Bring some easy work home with you, and keep the PTO!

Anyhow, with my mood elevated by the impending "vacation," I arrive at work 10-15 minutes earilier than usual, and remember,
"Oh yeah, they're having an employee appreciation breakfast this morning." (Yippee!)
So I see someone walk upstairs with a plate of food, and it's on. My favorite strawberry/cream cheese croissants and Pain au Chocolat (chocolate-fillled criossants). Oh yeah, and bagels with cream cheese.

Back upstairs with the pirate's booty, and enjoy my feast while diligently updating drawings (YES, I DID work while eating.) I have a question about something on one of my mark-ups, so I wander over to the cube of the person who gave it to me. Ask the question, and he looks for a reference. Enter my boss.
"Megan, c'mere for a minute."
Oh crap. He's going to say something about me wearing jeans to work today. It's ok:there was talk that I was going on-site today and it's allowed if you're going out in the field. Breathe.
"I'm not making any promises, but if there were a full-time position to open would..."
Already about to answer:"YES."
" be interested?"
Did I already say it? "Yes."
"Ok, I just wanted to make sure. I'm not making any promises."
Walking back to Doug's desk jumping for joy in my head. Boss follows me.
"I'm looking for a new department manager. That's why I wanted to talk to you."
"I'm making Megan the new Department manager."
Laughing, I comment that I'll whip these guys into shape in no time. I get my answer about the drawing, and return to my desk. Headphones back on, and CD playing again. Bopping my head to the music and lip-synching. Work for another hour, and take a break. (Yes, I still smoke, but I'm really cutting back and going to quit FOR REAL as a New Year's Resolution.) Step up on top of the 1-foot ledge by the outside ahtray, thinking about what a good day I'm having.

"Top O' The World, Ma!"

Not sure what or whom I'm quoting there, but couldn't care less, because I am. Thinking to myself, "I've been making lemonade for a LONG time. It's about time I get to make some kool-aid!" (Translation: life's been giving me lemons. Now I'm getting a little sugar.)

P.S. They bought us pizza for lunch today, too!

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Mom said...

This is so cool. ...hope they really are able to add you as a permanent FT employee...what a great Christmas hope...