Monday, December 04, 2006

It Smells Like a Pine Forest.

(Remember that Pine-Sol commercial?)

I have my first-ever live Christmas tree, and it smells sooo good in my house!

Bill & I went to the Christmas Tree Farm yesterday with my parents and my sister’s tribe. It was COLD, but we had a good time regardless, except for a certain party pooper who will not be named here. The kids had fun helping Aunt Megan, Uncle Bill, Grandma & Grandpa pick out their Christmas trees.

After cutting, shaking and baling the trees, we headed to the barn to defrost with hot cocoa, hot cider, cookies & popcorn. Bill bought the kids some cotton candy (a previously unknown food to them), which they all eyed suspiciously. Alex found the courage to try it- but made a funny face when it melted in his mouth.

We visited the petting zoo with a quarter horse, piggies, calves, sheep and bunnies. (They were kind enough to place the horse right by the door, so when I walked in I was way too close to that horse!!! Not to mention the 2 Clydesdales I had to give a wide berth to in order to get into the barn! See my posting "Home Again" from January 2006 if you're confused) The kids all sat with grandpa and petted the bunnies. And next door, we found Santa! I must say I was surprised that all 3 went up to talk to him (after a bit of suspicious eye-balling the red-suited guy). They even gave him a hug!

Frigid temps aside, it was a good day. And I can’t wait to decorate the tree tonight!

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