Friday, September 15, 2006


I just saw another of those church's commercials on tv. Now I have a serious question.

How does that pastor know that only people who 'abide by' the Christian Bible will 'go to "heaven"?' I mean, there are many other religions which worship only one God. There are 2 parts of the Bible that are widely accepted and followed. Isn't it about worshiping God, and no one or nothing else?

I was just wondering.

And before you attack me for my thoughts, please, just consider what I have said. And then think about it until tomorrow. If you still want to make a neative comment, feel free. But wait 24 hours and think about what I have said- with an open mind. Thanks.

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Anonymous said...

what is your religion cause at times in your blog you dont talk like you have a proper religion and your dad talks about God having messages for him about you I was just wondering if he is a preaacher or what