Tuesday, September 26, 2006

*$#@!&*$ (Ouchie Bubba)

The queen of clumsiness strikes again!I will spare you from the photo, but I did a number on my left thumb!

I was cutting up some Velveeta to go into dinner last night, when all of a sudden the cheese turned red. Yes, that's right: I took a nice chunk off of it. I haven't personally looked at the wound: both times I considered it, the spots swimming in front of my eyes made me think better of it. I do know, however, that there is still 3/4 (above the top knuckle) and most of the nail. Once it heals, I'll post a photo- blood & guts really isn't my thing.

Yes, I took off part of my thumb while I was trying to cut the cheese. Somehow the hilarity of that sentence greatly reduces the pain.

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Mom said...

oh ouchie bubba is right. Poor baby. Hope you are feel less pain soon.