Thursday, September 14, 2006

And All That Jazz

This post may very well be missing the letter "t" often, and I apologize if I miss one. We go through keyboards like nobody's business.

Just a basic catch-up... It's getting to be fall, which means I am quickly nearing my birthday. That's all I have to say abou that (birthday). Except that I wanna go to J.Alexanders for ribs!

We now have a puppy added o the list of animals rescued from certain death. Our room-mate saved a Jack Russel/ Beagle mixed puppy from a certain death... But he is SOOOOOOOOOOO cute!

No news other than that, that I can think of...

My sister has some awesome pics of the kids.


elissa said...

Hey thanks! I have a whole series that are good, I didn't figure anyone wanted to see 15 pics of my kids in that chair!
happy fall!

Mom said...

Uh, what do you mean birthday? What is that? I don't think I 've ever gone to JAlexanders without you. I probably wouldn't know how to act.
We took your nephew camping Friday night. Campfire, foil dinner, baked apple, sunset on a small lake, owls in the night, stars, warm cozy sleeping bag. It was very good.