Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Oppressive Heat or Torrential Rains?

Here in Northwest Ohio, the weather this summer has been... well, strange.

It started out to be a very wet and stormy season. So far this summer, we have SHATTERED rainfall records. In July alone, we surpassed a record set in the 1800's. Let me repeat that: we had more rain than this area had seen in close to 200 years!

And when it's not raining, it seems to be unbearably hot. (Yes, I know, most of the country has experienced unbelievably hot temperatures this summer.)I spoke to someone in Texas during our most recent oppressive heatwave, and he told me that the temperature there was the same as our "feels like" (heat index) temperature. However, he arrived here in Northwest Ohio the next day, and couldn't believe how much hotter it seemed here.

This brings me to something that might make you think I'm conspiracy-minded. The movie "The Day After Tomorrow." If you've seen this movie, bear with me for a moment. The movie is about what happens when we see actual proof of Global Warming. But it happens almost over night. The currents in the Atlantic Ocean change so drastically within a few days that it entirely changes the world's climate. North America becomes a frozen tundra literally overnight.
So what I thought of the other day while watching this movie is this: This movie is going to turn out to be a premonition. My reasoning?

1. The hurricane forecast is constantly being downgraded for this season. The US is having record-breaking heat waves, which I believe (if I know anything about weather)is keeping the hurricanes/tropical storms at bay.

2. South Africa is having a record-breaking winter. As in snowfall accumulation where there has only been trace amounts recorded before. Workers going outside to stare at snow falling, because they've never seen it before.

3. Last year's weather headlines: devastating tsunamis. Hurricane Katrina...

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Dad said...

Have you read Michael Creighton's latest book, "State of Fear"? You need to. I have it - I think it's in the SciFi library at work.