Thursday, May 04, 2006

Free to a good home...

Three guinea pigs. Two males, one female. FREE. FREE. FREE!

They began as feeder pigs for a friend's snake... the snake died. My husband, the animal lover, couldn't let them die. I'll admit, they're cute. But I really can't keep them. I mean, we already have a cat (excuse me, a princess of a cat) and a squirrel. (YES a real squirrel. Yes, it lives in our house. No, it doesn't live in a cage.)

Oh yeah, and last week, I came home to find 2 baby guinea pigs in one of the cages. Turns out "Eileen" wasn't a girl, after all. Fun stuff.


elissa said...

Oh heck no. the last thing I need is something else to take care of. (side note - ask me about the kittens my neighbor tried to drown next time I see you)

Dad said...

Don't listen to her. She DOES need them. She just THINKS she doesn't.