Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Boys and Toys

Ok, so can I just say that BB guns (hand gun) can be very fun toys.

That being said, gun safety applies to ALL guns, real or not. Yes, I got shot by a BB gun. Yes, Bill's friend thought the gun was empty. YES, I will be getting him back for it... somehow. The phrase "I fired it two times before that and nothing came out" was uttered: UM, YOU OBVIOUSLY DIDN'T SHOOT YOURSELF those 2 times. Luckily, it was a plastic BB, and it didn't leave enough of a mark to photograph. And believe me, I was gonna take a picture of it. And show it to him every time I saw him.

Anyway, I got to shoot the gun a few times and it is fun. But I know better than to point any type of firearm at anyone...

My leg hurts :(

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