Friday, July 01, 2005

America's Passtime?

So what's the deal with professional atheletes? Why is it that they need millions of dollars per year to play sports? I had friends in high school who played these sports for fun!

What ever happened to playing baseball for the fun of it? For love of the game? These "atheletes" whine and complain because their $17 million a year isn't enough money. ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The majority of the people who watch these same players won't even make one million in their lifetime.

This quote posted on last month really irks me:

"Last month Minnesota Timberwolves guard Latrell Sprewell deemed a $7 million-a-year contract offer 'insulting' and said, 'I got a family to feed.' He said the front office of a team he had helped lead to last season's Western Conference finals was disrespecting him, so "'why would I want to help them win a title?'"

Okay, first of all, his family is NOT the size of a small country. And what are they eating? Nowhere in this country is the cost of living so high that a person needs to earn more than $7 million a year to barely eke out a living. I mean, COME ON!

No wonder there is such a budget defecit in this country. And what about the millions of homeless and jobless people? I just don't get it. Americans have become lazy. Lazy to the point that we're manufacturing remote control lawn mowers. Everyone wants to be rich, and they want to do it with as little effort as possible.