Thursday, June 30, 2005

No Time

I hadn't thought that my getting a full-time job would hinder me from keeping up with this blog. My sister has three children under the age of three, and she still manages to find time to post just about every day. Me? I'm lucky if I get on once a week now.

Work is good. I'm working on my own projects now. Its neat to actually be responsible for something being produced. I'm learning a lot, too. I went to school to learn how to operate a computer program (well, a genre of computer proograms), and now I'm learning how to actually create things using those same programs.

Life outside of work is good, too. Last weekend, we went to mid-Ohio for a barbeque at Bill's cousin's house. I met a bunch of his cousins on his dad's side. They're all just like us: fun-loving and a bit sarcastic. They all give each other a hard time, which is exactly how we are. I got along famously with them, and I hope I get to visit with them again. We have a standing invite to visit one of his cousins in Florida (can you say winter vacation?).

This weekend, my aunt and uncle are coming up from West Virginia. We'll be hanging out "at the lake" (my parents' lake house in SE Michigan) with them and the rest of my family. Dad says that beer drinking adds a new dimension to pontoon boating (or the other way around): "let's go over there and drink beer." So we'll have to see. Bill and I are champion beer drinkers, so this could be fun: how much of the lake can we see before we pass out :)

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elissa said...

It's cause I ignore my kids! ha!