Saturday, April 16, 2005

Saturday morning...

So it's Saturday morning, and I've decided to play around some more with this newfangled internet stuff. I'm creating a website as well as this blog. It makes me think about a conversation I had with my relatives last weekend.

Why is it that grandchildren rarely learn about their grandparents' lives until its too late? My grandparents were incredible people. They were two of the kindest, most giving people in the world. I know this because I knew them my whole life. What I didn't know was that my grandfather had his hand in creating ASTM testing procedures for coal mining. My grandmother volunteered to teach adults how to read... and there is so much about them that I don't know! It made me think, if I don't learn about their lives, I can't tell my children about them one day. And if my children don't know anything about my grandparents, then all the wonderful things that they did in their lives will just fade away.

Tell your children all the awesome things you know about your parents. And if you can, ask your parents to tell you all about themselves: what were their lives like before they had you? Share all the funny things you remember about your childhood. "Is it a fish? NO! Is it a fish? NO! Shut up Andrew!" "Dad, it's raining!" "Rubby rubby rubby, pretty red dog"

These are the things you remember fondly. Don't keep them to yourself, you might find your kids will find them hilarious. Or they might think you're weird.

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elissa said...

What do you mean 'might think I"m weird'? my kids KNOW I"m weird. This is not new information to them.