Friday, April 22, 2005

I Hate Rainy Days

So I get up thinking it is around sunrise, judging by the quality of natural light peeking through the blinds this morning. As soon as I am completely free of the blankets, I realize: Toledo weather has struck again. It was 80 degrees and sunny as could be two days ago. Today, it is not even 50 outside, and we have a lovely storm front rolling over the entire state. I see the radar, and my mood sinks. Then I look at the forecast. They're predicting snow for the weekend. You have GOT to be kidding me! I've got seasonal-affective mood disorder, so you can imagine how great I was feeling when I thought it was finally spring. Now I'm fighting to stay in the "spring happy mood" and I'll tell you, it's not easy when you look outside and all you see is gray. (It doesn't help that I live right on a main road and all I see out my windows is businesses) I wish I could put a flower box outside the window next to my computer.

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elissa said...

you aren't the only one! it's days like this that make me glad that I don't have to go outside to get to work. (by the way, I wrote about this in my blog today too! -weird. we must be sisters...)
try planting some flowers or something that smells good in a pot. Maybe that'll help